HBO looks to have another must-see miniseries ready to go.

After the success of True Detective and The Jinx, The Night Of looks like it’ll stack up against both of them. There will be spoilers ahead, so watch the first episode before moving forward.

IMDB describes the show below.

After a night of partying with a female stranger, a man wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder. [IMDB]

But it goes much deeper than that. The man, Naz, is a Pakistani-American college student that took his dads cab to a party before being sidetracked by an attractive female that hops in looking for a ride.

From the jump, it’s quite obvious that evidence is piling up on him. Piling up is probably understating it. Naz is caught on multiple cameras, even with the victim. He is ID’d by multiple people and again, with the victim. He has blood all over her brownstone.

Backing up, after picking her up, he’s convinced to go back to her brownstone to drink, do drugs and eventually sleep with her. But not before she convinces him to stab her in the hand during a drinking game before, leading to her blood ending up all over him.

Did I mention that before he even entered the brownstone, he was in a mini-confrontation with a couple of guys accusing him of being a bomber? One of them ends up getting called in to ID him later. The other one, nameless for now, gave them both a long look as they were walking in. We never see him again.

John Walters from Newsweek smartly caught a massive clue while they were in the brownstone. When the victim lets the cat out, it appears the door (not the front door, a side door that looks like it’s accessed from an alley) fails to completely shut.

Back to the brownstone. The next thing we know, he wakes up fully clothed in the kitchen before finding her dead bloodied body in the bed upstairs. Not ideal.

As he panics and leaves the initial crime scene, he of course forgets his keys. That leads him to having to break back in (forced entry!) to retrieve his keys, and cutting his hand in the process, before speeding off.

From there, Naz gets pulled over for an illegal left turn and stuffed into the back of the police car as they are called back to the crime scene.

He’s eventually shipped back to the station. During his panic back at the station, he realizes that the knife they were playing with earlier (when he stabbed her in the hand, at her request) is still in his jacket. It is, of course, found and we’re off and running. Episode 2 will be a doozie but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until July 17 to see it.

Here are a few questions I have.

  1. When will the non-major characters come back into play? There are a couple that stand out to me. The guy that asked him about his bombs before entering the apartment, I mentioned that he had a friend we never saw him. That friend took a long, hard look at Naz and the victim. The odd aspect to this is that when the other friend gets called in to ID Naz, he tells the police he was alone, making no mention of the stare guy. The other character that comes to mind is a helmeted person that pulls up next to Naz as he’s feeling the crime scene, before he gets pulled over for his illegal turn. Again, a long, hard look.
  2. How much will the initial decisions of Naz come back to haunt him? It’ll be hard to wiggle his way out of his initial statement, comments and consent given. His lawyer has his hands full. It’s hard to find a saving grace but the lack of blood on him when they find him, despite the crime scene looking like a slaughterhouse, may be one. A twitter user also had a nice discovery, noting that Naz was taking notes left-handed in the opening scenes. We’ll no doubt get to the stab wounds and the trajectory of them soon.
  3. Will the victims background help him out at all? She was obviously running from someone or something. There will have to be an additional motive or suspect for Naz to get any sense of a break. Or to even make the show longer than a couple episodes, frankly. We’ll see.

This was thrown together after immediately after seeing it and updated a couple days later, it’s still fresh. I’ll have more coherent and organized thoughts after Episode 2, given it’s not a total disaster.

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