It’ll get a bit slow around here leading up to the Super Bowl.

So why not try your hand at a few NBA futures? It’ll keep you engaged in otherwise meaningless NBA games and hey, you may love yourself for doing it in a few months.

Here are my favorite NBA Futures right now.


NBA Title: Cavs (3/1)

The thinking is, they’ll probably walk through the East. Whoever comes out of the West will have to battle, at least in the Conference Finals. LeBron pushed Golden State last year by himself. If they get there fully healthy and not really having to break a sweat through the East bracket, it’ll be a battle.


NBA Title: Thunder (18/1)

If you want to take a chance on a longshot, go with the Thunder. They have the best odds outside of the Big 3 but are sitting at 18/1. It’d take a nice little upset to get out of the West but with Durant/Westbrook, you never know.


East Title: Bulls (10/1)

No matter what, either the Bulls or Cavs are winning the East. If LeBron gets hurt, this Bulls bet at 10/1 would look really good. Even if Love or Kyrie get hurt again, you’d be sitting pretty for an odds standpoint.

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