This is why I am grumpy.

Sports are fun to watch, but most of the time I am watching them in silence.


Most play-by-play guys are brutal. Case in point, watching the Cubs-Cardinals game on MLB Network (Cardinals Broadcast). It’s currently in the 4th inning and has been on mute since the bottom half of the 1st. I glance over to the TV and see Ozzie Smith, I unmute the TV and I hear them talking about golf.

Immediately mute the TV again.

I grew up on Harry Caray and Steve Stone for baseball. Al Michaels (and the Monday Night crew), Keith Jackson, Pat Summerall and yes John Madden for football. Now, some of you might not have been a fan of Harry Caray or John Madden, but I would love to hear those voices again. Fast-forward to the present and I am still listening to Al Michaels on ‘Sunday Night In America’, but other than him, I cannot stand football announcers.

I can tolerate Joe Buck, but his ‘color’ guy, Troy Aikman, was hit too many times in head to put together three consecutive sentences in a row. This brings me to the broadcast team on Dan Hicks and Doug Flutie.

Dan Hicks needs to stick to golf, and Flutie needs to stick to throwing Hail Marry’s. I have watched every Notre Dame football game in its entirety for the past 25 years. Yes, I have been to many games, but those games have been either recorded by VHS or DVR. I was not happy when NBC decided not to bring back Mike Mayock. The guy knows football, and contrary to many other Notre Dame fans, he was very objective. He gave great analysis during the games and was knowledgeable.

This is going to be a very good year for the Fightin’ Irish, but listening to them will be not part of the experience.


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