They’re back.

April 23rd, 9 ET, Reelz. That’s where you’ll find the Ball Boys crew. Many of the Five Wide readers, and those of you that follow me, already know all about Sweet Lou and the boys. For those of you that don’t, it’s basically a sports version of Pawn Stars.

Based in Baltimore, the Ball Boys run a sports memorabilia shop specializing in unique and hard to find items. Last spring, my wife and I went to Baltimore to check it out and meet the crew.

It’s a pretty neat spot nestled in suburban Baltimore and the personalities they display in the show are not an act, we sat and talked sports forever. These guys are passionate.

Ahead of the episodes running again in a couple weeks, I caught up with Lou to discuss what’s ahead for the Ball Boys.


KO: Lou! How have you been?  

SL: Kyle! My man, I have been doing pretty good. You know working and waiting for Ball Boys to hit the TV again. 


KO: So, it’s back. Ball Boys will return next month on Reelz. How did this come about?

SL: Yeah, it’s been a long time coming (laughs). Well, as you kind of knew, ABC was just a little too big for our type of show. My production company was in negotiations with ABC to buy the show back and get it on a cable network. ABC absolutely loved the show but had no real place to fit it in regularly. So they sold it back and pitched it to Reelz and they loved it as well. Inside scoop, the owner of Reelz said it is his favorite show. Makes us all happy (laughs). 


KO: There are pros and cons to moving from ABC. Obviously, ABC has a bigger audience than Reelz but this move gives you access to a more visible time slot and the opportunity to build more of a rabid fan base. Did you have any other concerns moving to Reelz?

SL: Honestly, I have zero concern. Reelz has great programming already and the addition of Ball Boys is like adding a power hitter to an already great team. I think, well more so hope, we can take Reelz to a new level, a level that is deserved for them.  We have a great fan base and I sure hope they follow us to Reelz. I can’t express enough the love I have for every single viewer, it means a lot. 


Jalen Rose stops by Robbie's 1st Base.
Jalen Rose stops by Robbie’s 1st Base.


KO: How about the cast? We know about you, Junior, Senior and Shaggy. Will anyone else be featured? 

SL: As of right now, they are replaying Season 1 to see how the ratings go. But if we get Season 2 ,which we feel is a very high possibility, the sky is the limit. It could range from Ken Griffey Jr to Mike Tyson. You just never know who Senior will call to stop by. 


KO: What about appearances by Pete Rose, Logan Morrison and others that were frequently on? 

SL: Pete has his own reality show he’s starting, I’m not too sure how it’s going. As for LoMo, he got traded to Seattle and he seems super pumped and ready to start new with the Mariners. We will catch up when the Mariners come to Baltimore.

Pete Rose & Senior are giving the younger Ball Boys a few pointers.
Pete Rose & Senior are giving the younger Ball Boys a few pointers.













KO: Can you give us any insight on what to look for, possibility new or extended footage? 

SL: Honestly, with Reelz, I know we had a lot of extra footage that didn’t get used. I don’t know if they added some extra stuff in there or not. I sure hope they did because it will be my first time seeing it along with everyone else. One new item we’ll try to get on is a yearbook that myself and Michael Phelps signed. Obviously, my signature is the valuable one (laughs). But that’s just one of the funny items.


KO: Lastly, when are we getting you down to South Bend for a Notre Dame game? 

SL: (Laughs). Man, I sure hope soon! I literally just bought a Notre Dame helmet for Rudy to sign next month at Chantilly. I need all the readers to help me out on what should I have him inscribe? Please! I need help (laughs). But for sure, Season 2 I will drive out there. You really have no idea how bad I want to come out there now! 


KO: Thanks, Lou. We’re looking forward to the return of Ball Boys.

SL: Kyle, I appreciate the time and questions. Remember, next time you and the lovely Miss Tina head down to Baltimore, dinner is on me. And we’re going for crab cakes!


Ball Boys, April 2nd, 9 ET, Reelz.
Ball Boys, April 2nd, 9 ET, Reelz.


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