Obviously, we’ve had some shakeups.

The biggest being that Deshone Kizer is squarely in the QB1 discussion for the upcoming draft. That monster left side of the line hasn’t played quite as well as everyone had hoped or expected and the rushing attack is nowhere near where most thought it would be.

Those happenings have obviously shaken up the latest Big Board. The only change in the actual 10 listed though is James Onwualu replacing Max Redfield. Lets get right to it.

Reminder: Keep in mind that just because I compare somebody to a player, it doesn’t mean I think they’ll be that good or replaceable. It simply means I think they’ll be used in the same manner and have similar traits.


1. Deshone Kizer – QB (Previously: 8)

After hearing chirps about being too high on him on my last Big Board, it turns out I was way too low. He’s followed up last season with a dazzling start and looks very pro-ready. If he can survive the sinking ship around him, he’ll be a top pick.

Grade: Top 10

NFL Comparison: Cam Newton


2. Mike McGlinchey – OT (Previously: 1)

He hasn’t been as dominant as we hoped but he’s still been pretty good. He’ll measure off the charts and he’ll have plenty of tape showing that he can handle the edge at the next level.

Grade: Top 20

NFL Comparison: Andrew Whitworth


3. Quenton Nelson – OG (Previously: 3)

Like McGlinchey, he hasn’t been as dominant as expected. But he’s still excelling at nearly everything they are asking him to do and he’s physically ready for the NFL. He’ll be a really good guard for a really long time.

Grade: Round 2

NFL Comparison: Richie Incognito


4. Isaac Rochell – DI (Previously: 2)

He takes a minor fall but it’s been hard to shine anywhere on that defense right now. He’s seeing a lot of attention up front and QBs simply haven’t had to hold the ball very long, limiting his numbers. They’ve been middle of the pack against the run, where he’s looked better. If the defense can get back on track, he’ll start to shine again and show why he could be a Day 2 pick.

Grade: Round 3

NFL Comparison: Stephon Tuitt


5. Jarron Jones – DI (Previously: 4)

This will be a potential pick. There will be a few teams that fall in love with him. He obviously has the size but he’s athletic enough to move around on the defensive front. That type of versatility will be appealing to a lot of teams.

Grade: Round 4

NFL Comparison: Calais Campbell


6. Nyles Morgan – ILB (Previously: 9)

He’s played well. He’s physical, big, fast. Those are obviously all traits that carry over to the next level. But the biggest improvement has been mentally. He’s in the right place most of the time, which was not the case in the past.

Grade: Round 5

NFL Comparison: Jon Beason


7. Cole Luke – CB (Previously: 7)

He’s here based on potential and raw talent. He really hasn’t played well. And honestly, you can’t put all the blame on him. That entire defense has been a mess but plays like the one against Michigan State, where he had an interception taken out of his hands for a game-swinging touchdown, aren’t going to do him any favors.

Grade: Round 5

NFL Comparison: Janoris Jenkins


8. Tarean Folston – RB (Previously: 5)

He hasn’t looked the same, has he? He broke off that big run against Texas in the opener and since then has looked slow. He was never fast but he was always a solid, patient runner that was extremely nimble and precise. He’s looked like a short yardage back this year and even then, it hasn’t been pretty.

Grade: Round 7

NFL Comparison: Devonta Freeman


9. Torii Hunter Jr – WR (Previously: 10)

As he plays more, his grade will rise. I’d guess he ends up in the Round 5 range but he’ll need to make more big plays. He had the concussion issue early on and EQ has outperformed him on the season. But if he can get back on track and show consistency, he’ll be in the thick of things come April.

Grade: Round 7

NFL Comparison: Markus Wheaton


10. James Onwualu – LB/S (Previously: NA)

Our new addition. He takes the place of the dismissed Max Redfield and realistically, he’ll have to be used as a LB/S hybrid in the NFL. He can provide value there if he can prove he can hold up in pass coverage.

Grade: Round 7

NFL Comparison: Deone Bucannon


DI – Defensive Interior

ER – Edge Rusher

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