It wouldn’t be a Notre Dame summer without some changes to the football team.

This summer was no different. Greg Bryant drops off the board after news of him being academically ineligible was made public. Also, Ishaq Williams drops off the board after the NCAA declared him ineligible for the season, ending his career.

Jarron Jones sees a big fall after suffering a knee injury that will keep him out for the season.

I’ve also had some time to contact various coaches and scouts to get their opinions on some of the Irish standouts.

We’ll have another update after Week 4, Week 8 and after the season. Then we’ll have more updates throughout Draft Season, how many exactly depending on who declares, Combine results, Pro Day results, etc.

1. Ronnie Stanley – T

He’ll start the season in the discussion for the top overall pick.

2. Jaylon Smith – ER

He’ll also be in the discussion. Being as versatile as he is, it’s not clear what position he’ll play at the next level. Whatever position it is, he’ll be a star.

3. KeiVarae Russell – CB

I’m on the record as saying he’ll be one of the best, if not the best, corner in the country this season. He has the potential to end up going in the top half of Round 1.

4. Sheldon Day – DI

He’ll be one of the most dominant forces in the country and can play pretty much anywhere inside in any defense.

5. Will Fuller

He’s bulked up a bit, allowing him to be a little more physical. As long as that breakaway speed is still there, he’ll put up monster numbers.

6. Corey Robinson – WR/TE

I still think he’s destined to be a Jimmy Graham-type receiving Tight End. In that case, he’s a Top 50 pick.

7. Max Redfield – S

The word from campus is that he’s turned a corner and ready for a monster season. Once his play matches up with his natural ability, we’re going to see a monster. His versatility and athleticism will make him a hot commodity in the NFL.

8. Tarean Folston – RB

He’s all set for a really big season, only being this low because of the position he plays. He’ll be a reliable, all-around back. His vision is his biggest plus.

9. Isaac Rochell  – DI

The biggest jump from the Spring Big Board and he will probably rise even higher throughout the season. His athletic ability, while perfectly built for the inside at the next level, will enamor NFL teams.

10. Chris Brown – WR

Brown is another prospect that could rise with a big year. He’s a top-tier athlete that will ‘wow’ teams at the Combine. This season, he needs to move from reliable to star.

11. Cole Luke – CB

He should see plenty of action lining up opposite of Russell, giving him an opportunity to put up some big numbers.

12. Nick Martin – C

He’ll be a bit of a project. I’m not sure he can where exactly he plays in the NFL.

13. Elijah Shumate – S

Shumate has been back and forth but will get the chance to really shine this season. He’s tremendous in run support but has to show strides in coverage.

14. Jarron Jones – DI

Jones was in the Top 10 before his injury, with a chance to rise into the Top 5-ish area. He’ll be close to the top of this board next year.

15. Jarrett Grace – ILB

This is kind of a shot at the dark to round out the board, we don’t really know what we’ll get with Grace. He could return to form (or even be better) and be a force on the inside. We’ll get clarity on this situation moving forward, with Grace/Schmidt/Morgan all battling for snaps.


DI – Defensive Interior

ER – Edge Rusher


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