The Big Board is back!


For the third year, I’ll be posting a Big Board throughout the season. We’ll be ranking the Notre Dame prospects and how they grade out to the NFL.

This year, the top spot is fairly obviously. McGlinchey may end up being a Top 10 pick but beyond him, it’s kind of up for grabs. This year more than any other, I’m certain there will be major changes to this initial board, as early as the next update.

Speaking of the next update, we’ll try to stay on the same schedule. I’ll update after Game 4, Game 8, Game 12 and the bowl game. Then again after the combine.

Keep in mind, this was a lot easier last year. Notre Dame had seven guys drafted last season and a few more signed to practice squads. They lost a ton of talent and there will be some really raw names on this list to keep it at 10. And remember, these are only draft eligible guys.


1. Mike McGlinchey – OT (Previously: NA)

No shock here. We’ll see how he handles the move but the kid is a stud.

Grade: Top 15

NFL Comparison: Andrew Whitworth


2. Isaac Rochell – DI (Previously: NA)

He can be a really good DE in a 3-4 scheme at the next level. He’s sneaky athletic and excels rushing the passer along with stuffing the run. He should have a monster season even if he is playing a little bit out of position.

Grade: Round 2

NFL Comparison: Stephon Tuitt


3. Quenton Nelson – OG (Previously: NA)

Mauler. He’ll get knocked down boards a bit due to being a guard rather than a tackle but he’ll be a really good one for a very long time.

Grade: Round 2

NFL Comparison: Richie Incognito


4. Jarron Jones – DI (Previously: NA)

Huge year for him. He’s been pegged everywhere from a Round 1 guy to a UDFA during his time in South Bend. If he can prove to be a three-down player, he’ll have plenty of teams after him.

Grade: Round 4

NFL Comparison: Margus Hunt


5. Tarean Folston – RB (Previously: NA)

Not an elite speed guy but he’s a good receiver out of the backfield and will excel in pass protection. He can also make people miss, an obvious trait that gets looked at heavily.

Grade: Round 5

NFL Comparison: Devonta Freeman


6. Max Redfield – S (Previously: NA)

He has the potential to be a R1 guy if he has a really big year. With Max, it’s always been about getting it right mentally. He’s a physical freak.

Grade: Round 5

NFL Comparison: TJ Ward


7. Cole Luke – CB (Previously: NA)

He needs to show improvement this season. He has all the tools and looked like a potential superstar early in his career. Last year, he was still good but had some rough patches. He’ll need to show teams he can hold up in man coverage against top-end receivers.

Grade: Round 5

NFL Comparison: Janoris Jenkins


8. Deshone Kizer – QB (Previously: NA)

He’s the prototypical pro QB. Big dude, big arm and athletic enough to keep defenses honest. I think both guys play this season but I’m pretty confident that NFL guys will be keeping a closer eye on Kizer.

Grade: Round 6

NFL Comparison: Alex Smith


9. Nyles Morgan – ILB (Previously: NA)

Not enough tape yet but the potential alone puts him here. In the NFL, much like BVG, they love athletic guys in the LB corps. Morgan fits that bill and is a big hitter to go along with it. He’ll need to prove he can captain a defense this season.

Grade: Round 7

NFL Comparison: Jon Beason



10. Torii Hunter Jr – WR (Previously: NA)

The staff has high hopes for Hunter. He has deceptive speed and really, really sure hands. I could see him excelling as a slot guy in the NFL.

Grade: Round 7

NFL Comparison: Markus Wheaton


DI – Defensive Interior

ER – Edge Rusher


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