The NFL Draft has finally come and gone.

I felt it was a deeper class than given credit for, but I would’ve wanted no part of picking near the top. I would’ve felt pretty comfortable in the 8-12 range and if I found myself higher, I would have looked to move back and stockpile a few more picks.

There were a few picks that I loved, though.

1. Amari Cooper 

Exactly what Derek Carr needed. You’ll often see the “big play” threats get taken early and then pro teams will work with them to become all-around receivers. This isn’t needed with Cooper, he can be a security blanket and a big-play threat from Day 1.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.08.57 PM
Amari Cooper

2. Nelson Agholor

Another great fit. Agholor is a plus-athlete that excels in space and that’s exactly what Chip Kelly’s offense creates. He should be able to come in and produce from the slot from day one.

3. DJ Humphries 

This is a team that still has a lot of holes but where they have talent, they have a ton of it. DJ Humphries will be able to team up with the (basically) rookie guard Jonathan Cooper to give the Cards the biggest boost across the O-Line in the league.

DJ Humphries

4. TJ Yeldon

I really wanted to Colts to end up with Yeldon. Despite his injuries at Bama, he has the build to hold up in the pro game and he’s athletic enough to excel at this levee too. We like to say that Bama RB’s get beaten up in college but Yeldon always played with another great back that was able to spell him.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.11.15 PM
TJ Yeldon

5. Randy Gregory 

Yep, I loved it. This is another guy I wanted the Colts to grab. Listen, you already know he’s coming in with issues. He knows it, too. This will allow the Cowboys to be extra careful and put 100% of their focus on guiding Gregory through these stages. I think this pick has a little Randy Moss potential. If they can get him right, put some weight and him and then unleash him, the rest of the NFC East could be in big, big trouble.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.12.02 PM
Randy Gregory
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