We’re back for another season.

And like last season, I’ll be giving out punt plays each week during the NFL season. I won’t be going near as in depth because frankly, I don’t have the time. But I’ll list guys I like at each position that’ll help you save money.

If you want further help, I’d check out Fantasy Labs. They’ll help you build an entire lineup, identify value plays and all that good stuff. Cool? Cool.



Derek Carr ($7,300) – He’s not really a punt play but he’s the QB I’ll be using most this weekend. My favorite stack, by far, is Carr-Cooper. Do with that what you will.

Brock Osweiler ($6,300) – He shouldn’t see crazy ownership numbers but I think they’re going to end up throwing more than people think. He’ll have solid weapons all around for one, with Nuke/Fuller/Strong making for a solid trio.

Robert Griffin III ($5,600) – Speaking of teams that will throw more than people think, I give you the Browns. Obviously no Gordon yet but that will be a plus early on. His unproven receivers will scare people away, I like him this week. And it helps that he’s bargain priced.

Dak Prescott ($5,000) – You won’t be unique but he’s minimally priced. I actually like him in cash more than GPPs.



Frank Gore ($5,500) – He’s still RB1 on an offense that will (and have to) put up points. He’ll get the goal line carries, all you need is one to return value.

Duke Johnson ($5,100) – In any PPR’s, fire up Duke. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t get a handful of catches, raising his floor up high enough to be a really good cash play along with GPP. He’s blowout proof as well, he’ll be the guy when they have to throw.

Spencer Ware ($4,400) – If you don’t have him in your cash lineups, I’m driving to your home and slapping you. Fade him in the MM if you want, he’ll be highly owned. But seriously, play him as much as you can.

LeGarrette Blount ($3,700) – How lucky do you feel? If I had to guess, he won’t do much. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up with a couple goal line carries and thus blows this number out of the water. Complete dart, I don’t know what to tell you.

Christine Michael ($3,700) – I’m not sold that Thomas Rawls is all that healthy. The Hawks are a heavy favorite and Michael could see a ton of work in the second half. I’ll be using him a ton.



Amari Cooper ($7,200) – We covered him earlier. I’m all in on Carr-Cooper.

Donte Moncrief ($6,000) – I prefer him to Hilton. He’ll have the better CB matchup and he’s the better weapon in the redzone.

Mohamed Sanu ($5,100) – The WR2 in Atlanta always produces and he’s the best one they’ve had since the days of Roddy being Roddy. Julio will demand a ton of attention and this game will be closer than most think.

Corey Coleman ($5,100) – You can avoid in cash but I love him in GPP’s. He’s a really good player and is probably going to be the go-to choice for RGIII. There’s a decent chance they’re trailing most of the second half as well.

Marvin Jones ($4,600) – I think he ends the year as Detroit WR1 and he’ll get off to that start this week.

Will Fuller ($3,700) – GPP dart. All it takes is one bomb for him to run under.



Coby Fleener ($4,900) – Everyone other than Gronk is basically a punt play. Fleener will be my cash player of choice, I’ll look elsewhere in GPPs.

Jason Witten ($4,100) – Conversely, I won’t be using Witten in cash but a lot in GPPs.

Martellus Bennett ($3,400) – Keep an eye on Gronk. If he’s out, Bennett is an automatic plug in cash games. He’d still be worth a GPP spot too.

Dwayne Allen ($3,200) – If you want to pay up at QB, I love the Luck-Allen stack. You’ll get back to freeing up some cash by pairing him with Allen rather than Hilton, or even Moncrief.



Titans ($2,600) – They’re at home and facing Shaun Hill. I’ll take that at $2,600.

Browns ($2,300) – Carson Wentz. They are underdogs but I don’t mind that as much in this situation.


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