It’s that time.

The NBA Draft is tomorrow and there is actually some debate and mystery around who will go in the Top 5, in a pretty solid draft.

Below, my Big Board. I’m only listing Top 10 because I had 17 guys (that warrant consideration) I felt I could accurately judge and from there, I narrowed it down to 10.

NOTE: You will not see Kristaps Porzingis listed for the simple fact that I don’t know enough about him and haven’t been able to watch enough of him. If I listed him, it would be me guessing and going off of other peoples opinions. Therefore, no Porzingis. Same goes for Mario Hezonja.

Here we go.

1. Justise Winslow

In my opinion, he’ll be the best player in this draft. The league has shifted to a perimeter-oriented attack and he will be a plus perimeter defender.

2. Karl Anthony-Towns

He’ll be able to get more comfortable with his jumper and defending quicker 4’s as time goes on and he can still hurt you in the paint. Probably the safest option.

3. Emmanuel Mudiay 

I’m taking another semi-flyer here. Mudiay is EXPLOSIVE and will get you an athletic advantage at PG nearly every night. The shooting will come.

4. Jahlil Okafor

Reliable, skilled big man. His size can’t be taught. His conditioning and skill-set can.

5. D’Angelo Russell

I have him lower than most but am still pretty high on him. He can be a well above-average combo guard for a long time. Think of Jeff Teague or Mike Conley.

6. Kelly Oubre

I know, this is really high. Oubre has the biggest bust potential on my board but if it all clicks, he’ll be a star.

7. Willie-Cauley Stein

He’s another guy that the offense will come to. He won’t need to score to be an asset from Day 1, as a big man, that protects the rim, and can hold his own off of P&R switches is huge in todays game.

8. Devin Booker

He’s a shooter that will turn into a solid all-around scorer.

9. RJ Hunter

I view Hunter as a fourth or fifth starter on a contender or a valuable bench piece. He’ll put up 13/6/4 in the right situation and give you the random performances that carry a team.

10. Stanley Johnson

I’m a little lower on him than most but his defensive ability will be top-tier. I’m a little worried about the offense coming around.

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