I’m going to start listing one or two of my favorite plays on here. We only have a few weeks left in the regular season, so load up in time for baseball season.

If you want to join DraftKings or FanDuel, there are the links. All of these values are listed in DraftKings format.

This won’t be that similar to what I’ve been doing, this will be much quicker and to the point. Basically, these are guys that stand out to me. Do what you’d like with that information. If I don’t like a position at all, like PF tonight, I’ll just avoid it so I’m not more noise in an already loud space.


Point Guard

Jrue Holiday ($8,200) – You’ll certainly get the most upside with Russ but Holiday is going to have to take on a huge role. Tough matchup with Miami though. I’ll use him a lot in GPPs.

Ray McCallum ($3,200) – He’s playing a solid 25-30 minutes a night and is near minimum salary.


Shooting Guard

Bojan Bogdanovic ($5,500) – He’s playing (and shooting) a lot. Don’t love this position tonight, especially if Harden sits.


Small Forward

Michael Beasley ($4,900) – Lots of upside and risk but that risk certainly levels out a bit if Harden sits.

Dante Cunningham ($3,600) – Without Brow, he should see 35 minutes or so. It’s always a toss up between he and Gee but I’ll roll with Cunningham tonight.


Power Forward

I don’t feel good recommending anyone in particular. Brutal position tonight, I’ll use Marvin Williams a lot in cash.



Dwight Howard ($7,200) – We’ll get pissed off Dwight! Which is always the best Dwight.


Good luck tonight.

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