Here are a few options that you should be plugging into your lineups tonight.

Bradley Beal $5,700 – He’ll perform above this value, similar to Rose lower in this list. He’ll be undervalued for awhile.

Festus Ezeli $3,000 – I don’t expect Andrew Bogut to play. Marreese Speights is also a nice play but at $3,000, Ezeli should log 25 minutes at least and a double-double wouldn’t surprise me.

Taj Gibson $5,500 – Noah is out, this is a steal.

Nikola Mirotic $5,000 – Read above.

Derrick Rose $6,400 – He’ll continue to be undervalued until he strings together a week or two of solid performances. Enjoy the ride now.

Kawhi Leonard $7,700 – They won’t lose to the Knicks and someone has to score. He’ll also log higher than usual minutes as the only guy on the roster who can slow down Melo.

Salaries via DraftKings


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