Surprise, surprise.

After May 2’s 12-round, unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is still the welterweight champion and king of the boxing world.

However, he’s not the people’s champion and never will be.

Give Mayweather credit for his devotion to becoming the best pound-for-pound fighter — it’s the reason why he’s 48-0 and two wins away from surpassing Rocky Marciano’s all-time best mark of 49-0.

But perhaps it’s also taken him away from becoming a high-quality human being.

Just look at his long rap sheet of sexual misconduct dating back to 2001, which is when he struck Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter Ayanna, across the face with a car door and “then proceeded to repeatedly punch her,” according to Deadspin.

Sadly, as Deadspin reports, the incident came one month after he fought Diego Corrales on the platform of winning awareness for “battered women” all across the world.

Mayweather’s complete and utter lack of respect for the opposite sex has caused boxing and non-boxing fans alike to not only despise him for his success inside the boxing ring but to also root against him.

This lack of respect for a bonafide champion is almost unfathomable in other realms of professional sports, yet it is understood and deserved in the case of a proven domestic abuser who has always believed that his abusive ways cannot be proven.

He can maybe duck potential opponents until he’s ready to face them like he did with Pacquiao in what was the boxing event of the decade and also laughably dubbed as the “fight of the century.” It literally turned into a snoozefest for me.

It’s why I couldn’t possibly stomach a rematch between the two past-their-prime fighters, and no one else should have to either.

Everyone should take heed to espnW writer Sarah Spain’s advice from the first fight — donating money to domestic violence charities in protest — and do the same for what would be an equally distasteful rematch.

And Mayweather will still make a hefty check no matter the magnitude or severity of the protest at the end of the day.

However, once the potential rematch concludes, he won’t be able to keep hiding from law enforcement and the court of law – both of which are bound to “go the distance” until they put him behind bars.

He’s won many bets and squeezed hundreds of millions of dollars out of promoters in his time as a professional boxer, including an estimated $200 million paycheck from his Las Vegas bout with the “Pac-Man.”

Yet, I’m placing my money on Mayweather’s luck running out.

His days of being at the top of his craft are nearing an end with what could be his penultimate match coming in September, meaning he will have to soon move on to the next chapter in his life.

And that next chapter won’t be nearly as pretty for the misogynist formerly known as “Pretty Boy Floyd.”


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