Last week I marvelled at the way a game can take our collective breath away. One team wins and goes on, while the other team goes home and wonders what might have been. There will always be another season, of course, but the moment won’t be–it can’t be–the same.

Last week it was Wisconsin’s time to move on, and Arizona’s time to go home. Yesterday the script was flipped, as Wisconsin lost in heartbreaking fashion while Kentucky got to move on to the championship game on Monday night.

Since seeding was put into place in 1979, an number 8 seed has never played for a championship, until this year. Hats off to Kentucky for doing it the hard way, knocking off higher seeds after their first game in the tournament. Do they have one more upset in them? I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

And for Wisconsin? Good job, Bucky, but that final shot is going to play in your memories for a very long time.

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R. Lincoln Harris

R. Lincoln Harris

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