In a video message to fans of the Chicago Cubs–and by extension the entire online world–Tom Ricketts announces that it’s time to move ahead with the Wrigley Field expansion. The rooftop owners will put up a stink, of course, but they’ve stood in the way for far too long, already.

I’ve never cared for the rooftops, and I’ve never been to one, either. Rooftops were once an informal thing, and then they became a business. People monetized something that really didn’t belong to them, and now they consider themselves as a voice at the table in this process. They never were, and never should be, legitimately a part of this discussion.

Here’s hoping the rooftops take the hint and lay down their opposition to the expansion proposals. But then again, the Cubs can’t regularly beat the other 29 teams in baseball on the field. Here’s hoping that doesn’t translate into the court battle, as well.

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R. Lincoln Harris

R. Lincoln Harris

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