I know that I’m the resident Wildcat on this page for the Domers, but I didn’t want to let the Irish and their impressive win in the ACC tournament pass without a mention.

The Duke-Carolina thing is so overblown that whenever a team knocks off both of them, on successive days, it’s worth crowing about. Hats off to the Irish for bringing home the nets, in just their second year in the ACC.

And here’s something that may or may not be mentioned on the sports shows and online: This is the first time in the history of the ACC tournament–going all the way back to 1954–that Duke and North Carolina have been shut out for four straight seasons.

It’s crazy to think that two schools could have such a hammerlock on the conference, but there is no joy on either end of Tobacco Road tonight. But there’s a celebration in South Bend, that’s for sure.

All hail Three Point Jesus!

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R. Lincoln Harris

R. Lincoln Harris

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