The Number 1 and 2 seeds battled it out yesterday in Anaheim.

They went into overtime, which raised the stakes even higher than they already were with both teams’ season already on the line. And the game came down to a single play, and a questionable call, and one team barely moving on, while the other team is left to bemoan what might have been. It was everything that athletic competition should be.

I’ve bemoaned the quasi-professional nature of the NCAA here. The players aren’t getting a fair shake, in a system where many people get paid and they don’t. Last night’s game doesn’t change that view one bit. But it does offer a reminder that, ever since humanity first came up with the idea of playing games against each other, someone has to win, and someone has to lose. Ties don’t make anyone happy. And the tighter the competition, the more exhilarating it is for everyone on the outside looking in. Last night’s game could hardly be topped, in terms of sheer drama. And yet, we’re all hoping that today’s games can still top it. And who knows, they just might.

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R. Lincoln Harris

R. Lincoln Harris

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