The 2015 NFL season is quickly approaching, and that means plenty of people in fantasy football are taking a look at the newest crop of talent entering the league.

The newest draft class might not be considered one of the best ever, but there are going to be at least a few difference makers as early as this year. Here are the three players with the most talent and the best opportunity to succeed.


Melvin Gordon

After a very successful career at Wisconsin, Gordon was drafted in the first round by the San Diego Chargers. You would think that a first round pick at running back would be hyped up quite a bit, but there are plenty of doubters when it comes to his ability to play at the NFL level. He compares favorably to someone like Jamaal Charles in the NFL right now, and San Diego could make him the featured running back right away. That makes him an offensive rookie of the year candidate and a potential fantasy football workhorse.


Amari Cooper

One of the biggest issues for NFL rookies is of course adjusting to the new style of play. Everyone is bigger, faster and stronger in the NFL, so players need to be polished when it comes to fundamentals. If you are looking for the most polished wide receiver in this talented class, look no further than Cooper. He should instantly be the number one receiver for the Oakland Raiders, and he has the perfect blend of natural ability and discipline to be successful right away. About the only thing that could hold him back is the offense in Oakland, but that is improving.


Maxx Williams

The tight end position is not exactly the top priority for most people in fantasy football, but there are a few talented rookies coming into the game who could make an impact. No one has a better opportunity than Williams in Baltimore. He has already been compared to Jason Witten, and Joe Flacco could end up relying on him quite a bit. Do not be surprised if he is a key for Baltimore getting back into the playoffs.

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