Welcome to the 2017 season of fantasy football.

Fantasy football has been around for decades but it has never been as popular or as easy to play as it is today. This has led many people to play the sport for the first time every year. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran we bet you could use a little help. Today we are going to guide you through the necessary steps in order to draft a great team and set yourself up to hoist the trophy at the end of the year.

Playing fantasy football is all about minimizing risk while maximizing profits. Whether you play daily fantasy sports on platforms like DRAFT or your focus more on season long endeavors, your still need the same thing: lots of points. So how do you minimize risk and maximize your potential on draft day? It’s simple. You focus on locking in your first round pick. Let’s break this down a little bit.

Winning The First Round
There is no player more important to your fantasy football season than your first round pick. Full stop. If you select a bum in the first round then you have to find another player, somewhere else, to give you that additional 20+ points week in and week out. it’s easy to win the first round if you select in the top five: David Johnson, LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and DeVonta Freeman are all locks. But winning the bottom half isn’t so easy. We like to pick high ceiling players that have shown consistency for years. This means we are skipping one hit wonders like Jay Ajayi and Melvin Gordon and opting for guys like Odell Beckham and AJ Green. Pending injury those guys are going to give you more Top 10 weeks at their position than anyone else on the board.

Draft Positions Accordingly
Quarterbacks are the highest scoring position in fantasy football on a week to week basis. This means having an elite QB can win your a championship. Does this mean you need to select Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees at the #1 overall spot? No, no, no. Drafting QBs is all about opportunity cost. There are 30 startable QBs in the NFL for fantasy purposes. Most leagues only have 12 teams. This means that you’ll be able to find a decent QB anywhere in the draft. Can you say the same about this year’s class of running backs? Prioritize your positions. Pick running backs and wide outs first and then move to tight ends and QBs. Always wait until the last round to pick a defense or kicker.

Look For Sleepers
Eagle eyed scouts probably saw Jordan Howard becoming a monster for Chicago last season. They realized that the Bears had no solid starting running back after the departure of Matt Forte. Howard was drafted high enough to be a threat and fantasy football players knew he’d get a shot eventually. Boy did he ever. Howard posted gaudy running back numbers and helped teams win championships in fantasy football. Keep your eyes open for potential sleeper draft picks and make sure to grab them when you can — as long as you aren’t over-drafting. This year we are all about guys like Corey Coleman, Devante Parker, and Dalvin Cook.

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