I had an ‘eh’ weekend.

I’ll post both my best and worst lineups below.

Derek Carr not finding the endzone more often killed me. He finished with over 300 yards, threw a ton and found Cooper a lot as well. But they ended up scoring on the ground. The other option that ended up hurting me quite a bit was my defense, the Titans. They actually played pretty well but they didn’t get much pressure on Shaun Hill and they didn’t force any turnovers.

Below was my best lineup on the weekend, coming in at 183.22 points.


Spencer Ware, while being chalk in basically every contest, still had a big enough day to justify rostering him. And my receivers obviously carried me. I love all three of them in season long formats too, I expect big numbers. Martellus Bennett, another chalky pick, really didn’t do anything. And while the workload was there for Lamar Miller, he couldn’t find the endzone. But I do like pairing a RB with his defense, especially when favored and at home.


Now lets get to my worst lineup of the weekend, coming in at 119.48 points.


The worst part? This was a cash lineup I used a decent amount. Dak never found the endzone, strike on. Eddie Lacy never found the endzone and the workload wasn’t what I expected either, strike two. Martellus Bennett, already covered, strike three. I wasn’t crazy about the Sammy Watkins play but he was the best option left with how the roster ended up shaking out.

The lesson, and I shouldn’t of ignored this advice in the first place, is don’t roster anyone you don’t feel good about. I was too worried about using the maximum amount of my salary cap and thus plugged in Sammy Watkins. I felt much better about Will Fuller and had I played him, I least fare better in a few more cash games.


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