The boys are back, and they’re the same as ever. And if you enjoyed the series, that’s not a bad thing.

Variety – After a five-year absence, the stars of the long-running HBO series “Entourage” reunited for a bigscreen bacchanal that was savaged by critics. “Entourage” will make $17.8 million over its first five days in theaters and $10.4 million for the weekend, less than the $20 million mark that Warner Bros. had hoped to crack. Checking in on the state of Vincent Chase’s career, liver and sex life set Warner Bros. back a modest $27 million in production spending.

The opening weekend crowd was 64% male and 90% under the age of 50, perhaps the least surprising demographic data ever. Warner Bros. distribution chief Dan Fellman noted that the film’s grosses moved up 3% on Saturday, a sign he argued that word of mouth is bolstering the picture.

“It’s found its audience now,” he said. “This little bit of a burst we saw gives us some momentum as we move into the heart of summer.”

There may be minor spoilers in this but let’s be real, it’s Entourage. But I won’t go into anything ground-breaking.

The bottom line is that if you enjoyed the show, you’ll enjoy the movie. Vinnie wants to take a risk. If he fails, he’ll be finished, E will be finished and Ari won’t be able to save them.

There are plenty of cameos, gorgeous women and a skinny, rich Turtle. The plot revolves around Vinnie needing more money for his summer blockbuster, which Ari (now studio head) also let him direct, and he has to go through Texas-bred Billy Bob Thorton and Haley Joel Osment to get it.

Oh, and Emily Ratajkowski plays a pretty big role in the issue between them. Good times.

If you go in with the right expectations, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’d give it a 8/10 as the ending seemed a lot bit rushed, even by Entourage standards. You’ll get the funny one-liners and classic Entourage characters. Another minor issue is how they were forced to awkwardly handle some odd situations that came up at the end of the series.

It probably needed to open above 20M to get a second movie guaranteed but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one made even at the number they hit. Either way, I’ll be there, ready to ride along Vinnie & The Boys yet again.


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