Lets play a game.

I’m going to list four resumes. The stat line for each of them is from their last four games.

QB 1: 65% CMP – 334 YPG – 11 TD – 2 INT

QB 2: 58% CMP – 235 YPG – 8 TD – 3 INT

QB 3: 55% CMP – 315 YPG – 10 TD – 5 INT

QB 4: 52% CMP – 290 YPG – 10 TD – 7 INT


Pretty close, right? QB 1 is definitely having the best stretch but the rest, pretty close.

Lets  assign points to each of them for leading a particular stat. For example, QB 2 gets three points for CMP, one points for YPG, one point for TD and three points for INT. Here are the results.

16 Points – QB 1

9.5 Points – QB 3

8 Points – QB 2

6.5 Points – QB 4


And who do we have here? Glad you asked.

1st Place – QB1: Tom Brady

2nd Place – QB3: Andrew Luck

3rd Place – QB2: Aaron Rodgers

4th Place – QB4: Cam Newton


Obviously, more goes into playing QB and the flow of the game than these concentrated stats. But I can’t go anywhere without hearing how bad of a season Andrew Luck is having and some seriously(!) discussing whether or not he should go to the bench.

Am I taking crazy pills? He was obviously hurt earlier in the season, we know that now. It’s up in the air whether or not he’s still hurt but I can promise you that he has the worst rushing attack, worst offensive  line and worst defense combo of probably any QB in the NFL. He also just had a change in OC and he’s faced the Buffalo (15th), New York (5th), Tennessee (7th), New England (9th), Carolina (12th) and Denver (1st) defenses. His only break came against the 31st ranked Saints defense.

For those of you that cry about him playing in the AFC South, yes, they had the Jags and Texans on their schedule. He didn’t get to play in those games. I’ll also remind you that the Colts haven’t had a 100-yard rusher in three years. Yes, three years.

As you can see, he’s playing much better lately and as he gets healthier and he gets to face a defense or two that isn’t Top 10-15, he’ll keep trending upward.

He’s fine.


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