Changing teams as a wide receiver can be difficult in more ways than one. Not only does the player have to get used to a new person throwing him the ball, but new routes and new teammates can sometimes mess up a player’s rhythm. With that being said, there should be at least a few different wide receivers looking to still have success in fantasy football despite changing teams. Here is a look at the top options to consider.


DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia surprised a lot of people when they cut Jackson in the offseason. The Washington Redskins decided pretty quickly that they wanted to take a chance on the talented but troubled receiver. As far as fantasy football is concerned, he should be able to fit in well with their system in Washington. Robert Griffin III is said to be healthy, and that will obviously play a major role. He will be playing opposite of Pierre Garcon, and that should help with more single coverage.


Emmanuel Sanders

Any receiver going to the Denver Broncos will see an increase in fantasy football value almost right away. Sanders is not going to be the number 1 target for Peyton Manning this year, but he will have plenty of single cover store with. That makes him a top 30 option at wide receiver this year. It is going to be hard for him to match is career highs in receptions, yards, targets and touchdowns, but he could be more efficient in Denver’s system.


Golden Tate

Calvin Johnson is considered to be the best fantasy football wide receiver in the NFL. For the 1st time in a while, he will have a respectable number 2 receiver playing alongside him. Golden Tate decided to move on after a Super Bowl winning season with the Seattle Seahawks. Tate is a top 35 option who could really take off if teams decide to load up against Johnson.


Eric Decker

Out of all the players listed in this article, Decker is probably the only one who is going to take a huge hit as far as fantasy football statistics are concerned. It seems weird for a receiver to lose value after being traded to a team that wants to use him as a number 1 option, but the New York Jets are simply not ready to have success just yet. Decker is going to face heavy pressure from defenses all season long. He’ll still be a decent option, but certainly not someone worth taking in the 1st few rounds.


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