Social media us gives so many opportunities to see and take part in things than ever before. Rookie hazing is a part of the big leagues and always has been. It’s all in good fun, so why not let the rest of the world know about it? It’s not like they’re defacing horse statues or anything.

So when the Cubs rookies dressed up as Disney princesses for the final road trip of the year–in the regular season, anyway–we all got to take a look, thanks to Kyle Schwarber’s Twitter account.

Kris Bryant as Elsa from Frozen? What else could he be?

Javier Baez as Alice in Alice in Wonderland? You betcha!

Addison Russell, thanks to the red hair, appears to have adopted the Ariel look from the Little Mermaid.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast doesn’t have yellow hair, but don’t tell that to Matt Szczur.

Schwarber himself looks like he could take out Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

I’m not sure which princess has blue hair and a red polka-dot dress, but Jorge Soler looks like he’s rocking her look, anyway.

And Carl Edwards, Jr. has a sort of Maleficent-meets-Shirley Temple look going, with a tiara and a peace sign/deuce added in for good measure.

And if this won’t have the Brewers quaking in their boots this weekend, nothing else will, either! Our princesses are badder than your princesses!



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