And…we’re back.

Showtime keeps producing solid content as they follow the Notre Dame Football team this season. Weeks 6 & 7 covered the aftermath of the Clemson loss as well as the Navy & USC wins.

You can watch the Bye Week Episode tomorrow on Showtime, 10 PM ET. Also, Showtime is running a free trial promo so if you’ve been waiting, now is the time.

Lets get to it.


This pretty much sums up #NotreDameTwitter after the Clemson game.


He’s kidding but he’s not. But seriously.


I love the Robinsons. David is a good dude, Corey is a good kid. Bad games happen.


It’s Terry’s birthday!


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the dude in the background did not appreciate the camera on the sideline. Or maybe he was just trying to get air time.


Clemson loss sucked. But things turned around quickly thanks to DJ Kool here.


Nobody likes them. Jaylon is right, time to get the trophy back.


Only at Notre Dame.


“Were you being a Prima Donna?” “Yeah” “Really?!”


He knows what’s up. He also knows solid food choices. I’ve seen him at Parisi’s multiple times and here he’s at Corndance. Good man.


He’s so weird, I love it. We’ll have more Terry in a bit.


How does he really feel about USC?


Tommy is back!


I literally stood to my feet and clapped after this.


“Adoree who?


I’m all for you guys accomplishing it.


We end with more Tillery Gold.


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