Lots to catch up on. If you were watching the sideline on Saturday, you noticed that Showtime was all over Brandon Wimbush, literally every step he took. While the ‘distraction’ argument is being made, we can all agree that it made for some great television.

But first, lets recap Week 3.

This will always be funny. Also, we need these two to have their own show ASAP.


The life of a college kid. But seriously, this was probably the best scene this show has produced so far. An honest, personal conversation between Deshone Kizer and Jac Collinsworth on how much Kizer’s life has changed since being the starting QB at Notre Dame. Awesome stuff, check out the entire scene if you can.


Sometimes, it is that simple.


It wouldn’t be a week in the life of Notre Dame Football if it didn’t include a season-ending injury.


To cap off the Georgia Tech week, we hand out another game ball.



As for this week, we expected to get a bunch of Brandon Wimbush but were treated with more Malik Zaire. Also, Jerry Tillery. Because Jerry Tillery, in any situation, is hilarious.

We’ll start with Malik channeling his former trainer George Whitfield. He learned a thing or two.


Jerry Tillery is still funny. This again reminds us that they are just college kids, having a good time.


Here’s the result of the camera being all over Brandon Wimbush. Pretty cool moment.


No game ball this week but we’ll end on a happy note anyway. Malik Zaire, running an offense and having a great time. This makes me smile.



Photo via Matt Cashore

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