Overall, that was pretty awesome.

If you’re a fan of ‘Hard Knocks’, you’ll most definitely love this. Lets get to the recap.


We start off with a spoiler alert from Brian Kelly.



Then we get to see Sheldon Day absolutely BLOW UP what appears to be Mike McGlinchey, not 100% sure.



Speaking of Mike McGlinchey, we got to see footage of the sesaon-ending injury suffered by Jarron Jones. Pretty silly but these things happens in football.



I had to include this because this is nothing but a veteran move. Jaylon bowls at Parkway Lanes (a couple blocks from my house) instead of Strikes & Spares off of Grape. I was going to question this decision at first but after thinking about it, genius.



We all remember Josh Anderson getting surprised with a scholarship, A Season With provided us with a bit more behind-the-scenes footage. Pretty cool.



Possibly the funniest part of the episode, the other DL making Jerry Tillery wear his helmet to use the bathroom.



But this is close. Sheldon Day keeps calling Jerry Tillery, Terry Jillery. Tillery isn’t a fan.



You knew this was coming. After Corey is done catching touchdowns, he’ll go down to Hawaii and put together an album with Jack Johnson.



We wondered if A Season With would show the heartbreak, and they did. To an extent. This is crushing.



To cap it off, we celebrate.



Overall, strong first episode. I really enjoyed it and if you haven’t signed up for Showtime yet, I would absolutely do so. If you want to watch without signing up, they let you get Showtime Online and their app, which can be purchased on iOS and Android.

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