NBC: Actress and comedian Anne Meara, who gained fame as half of the comedy team Stiller & Meara and went on to star in TV and film, has died. She was 85.

Her husband, Jerry Stiller, and son Ben Stiller say Meara died Saturday. No other details were provided.

The Stiller family released a statement to The Associated Press on Sunday describing Jerry Stiller as Meara’s “husband and partner in life.”

“The two were married for 61 years and worked together almost as long,” the statement said.

The Stiller family is highly underrated when we think of comedy in our country. Meara and Jerry Stiller started in the 1960’s and worked all the way up until 80.

Being a little younger, I’ll most remember her as Spence’s mom on King Of Queens. Her husband, Jerry Still, is an all-time great sitcom actor and will go down in history after playing Frank Costanza and Arthur Spooner.

Meara was 85 and had been married to Still for over 60 years. Their son, Ben, is obviously a star in his own right. RIP.

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